Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Smile Makeovers| Teeth Whitening | Oral Surgery|Dental Implants

"Applying the latest techniques in a fully equipped, friendly and pleasant space, provide dentist treatments, cosmetic and rehabilitation services, always focusing on personal communication with patients".

Cosmetic Dentistry is the field of modern dentistry with the aim of improving the appearance of teeth and restoring the harmony of a smile.

Prosthetic dentistry deals with the restoration of missing teeth and balancing occlusion, providing a long-term stable and functional result.

Oral Surgery

This field includes oral and maxillofacial services from simple extractions to wisdom teeth, removal of cysts, reconstructive dental oral surgery and placing dental implants.


Periodontics is about treating periodontal diseases, that is, the tissues that surround and support the tooth.


It is the field of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp and peripheral tissue lesions.

Dental Splints

There are many types of splints such as whitening, stabilisation, splints for athletes as well as for children. Their use is different and in most cases individual for each patient.

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